The Founder

The Founder of Paradise - Rev. Newton 11th & West Euclid Street


1960 – 1982
Under Rev Newton’s Leadership, a new Paradise was built at 3077 Terrell Ave.

In the year of 1980 arsonist set fire to the Church and destroyed everything.

But through hard work, dedication of the members, and lots of prayers, they rebuilt a New Church.

Rev. Newton has now retired from his position due to health issues. Sister Rosa Bryson introduces a gifted man of God to the Church and Board. He is asked to become the new Pastor of Paradise.

Rev. Walter J. Proctor

Rev. Proctor was a great pastor and teacher. After serving Paradise for over 10 years, a new calling was placed on Rev. Proctor and he stepped down from his position as Pastor of Paradise.

That left Paradise without a pastor once again, But not for long.

In the year of 1993 on Easter Sunday a very gifted man of God was asked to come and give a sermon as Pastor Elect.

Two weeks later he became the Pastor of Paradise Baptist Church.


Dr. Edison Colbert Jr. – Executive Pastor of Paradise Baptist Church

Pastor Colbert has blessed Paradise with his compassion, dedication, teachings, and knowledge for the past 24 years. Through his teachings, Paradise grew from a congregation of only 15 – 20 people, to now at present, we have a membership of over 800 people.

Under Pastor Colbert’s leadership, Paradise outgrew her edifice on Terrell Ave. and with a lot of very hard work, dedication, prayers, and time, a new land sight was purchased, and through the tithes and offerings made, a new Edifice was built in 2007.

On December 30 2007, we opened the doors to our new Paradise Located at 4390 Fannett , Road Beaumont, TX